Saturday, 14 September 2013

And the music goes round and round

Thanks to my friend R who found this analysis of why and how the incoming government might have taught the incoming Opposition how to practise the bastardry of blocking proper government
(from the Sydney Morning Herald)

Rule No. 1: Don't give the government a thing. Fight it up hill, down dale, day in day out. Be strident, be angry, be unreasonable. Apply maximum pressure and see what cracks.
Rule No. 2: Don't allow the government to control the narrative
Make a lot of noise. Fill the airwaves with angry dissent and maximum outrage. Generate an impression of disorder. If you control the narrative, you control the psychological battlespace.
Rule No. 3: Exploit the deadliest of all contemporary policy issues, the one that was central to the downfall of the last three prime ministers: climate change. This remains a potent issue and will remain so for years.

I do suspect that the inhuman treatment of asylum speakers will be the thing that the electorate becomes enraged about. But we shall wait and see.

On another note....I wonder how Herr Doktor Abbott will/would tolerate Question Time being ended prematurely every day by ridiculous and futile procedural motions.

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