Tuesday, 29 October 2013

So who do you talk to?

Talking to someone the other day, as I am privileged to do, about something important. They fired back to me:
"And who do you talk to when you have stuff to talk to about?"
It is a real issue for the so-called 'helping professions'
I tried to be as honest as I could be
I do spiritual direction, I see a talk doctor frequently...but admitted that it is an issue
There are times, like in the last week, when I feel quite unsupported by Church and by parish...and I recognise that we live in a world where often we have more contact on Facebook than we do in conversation.
Personally I like Facebook, I keep in touch with all sorts of people who it would be difficult to keep on contact with. But ......
the question was not 'who do you keep in touch with?'  it was who do you talk to?
One of those sentences where you can emphasise each word and it gives you a different question.
WHO do you keep in touch with?
Who DO you keep in touch with?
Who do YOU keep in touch with?....and so on. Good questions!  Good Questions.

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