Tuesday, 19 November 2013


I sort of came in on the end of the Charismatic movement. Though I believe it changed  the institutional church,  I suspect (and I hope) for the better.
Not the least of the reasons for this was the emergence of a theology which recognised that baptism enabled everyone for ministry. Ever-Member-Ministry may not have reached 'every member' , but has changed the balance.
Christians do not now believe that the only people who can do stuff in churches have turned-round collars.
And by "do stuff" I don't just mean financial and building administration….but also teaching, prayer, and pastoral support.
Certainly, I think the charismatic movement gave us this precious gift. Every Christian is empowered to minister…and while this needs to be done sensitively, wisely and under authority…nevertheless it is noir just the vicars, the rectors and the brothers!

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