Saturday, 9 November 2013

Shabbat shalom!

Came across this today (At the name of Jesus…preferably the modern tune!)[Can't get my plug in to work…but maybe you can!!!!!]

“We don’t have a future!”
all the “experts” say.
All the mainstream churches
will soon fade away.
Solemn commentators 
hurl sarcastic jeers
that we won’t survive
another twenty years.

Find a “fresh expression”
(feels like change, yet bland)
like a café service
or a loud praise band.
Move the Sunday service
over to the hall.
Everything’s projected 
on a screen or wall.

And, if some raise questions,
say their faith is weak.
Question their commitment
to the goals we seek.
Alternate suggestions?
Always shrug them off
like a case of hiccups
or a ticklish cough.

Still we have a future!
Even now we see
Bread, and wine, and water,
Scripture, liturgy,
serving God and neighbour
(heart, and strength, and mind).
Living in God’s present,
we’ll God’s future find.

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