Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The best poem

I consider this to be the best poem I have ever written….well today I do. Thank you for those who tolerate my poetry

O spotless virgin 

O spotless virgin
you should have been more careful
of your son
to place him
amidst all that straw
which could have scratched his skin
or worse still
poked his eye out.
what where you thinking?

O sinless son
you, too, should have been more careful
of your mother
to get blood
all over her best dress.
what were you thinking?

O perfect God
you should have been more careful
of everyone
Why put them together
so that mothers scratch their sons
and sons bleed over their mothers.
Sensitive skin
best dress
fragile lives
what were you thinking?

in line 25 the original version said “Jerusalem Dress” still conflicted about the best alternative!

written Christmas 2002


Warren Huffa said...

I like it.

stephen clark said...

thank you
I am feeling fragile…with a lot of death in the parish and the family
O perfect God
….what were you thinking?

Cath said...


Stephen Daughtry said...

Very fine, Stephen. Miranda likes it too. Happy relaxing, Steve Daughtry

Diana Bleby said...

Well done!