Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The box

I have just made my Christmas Confession!
What a good guy my confessor is…who speaks not of judgement but of God's love and mercy.
We don't easily get this…..God is not out to punish us for being bad….but to encourage us to live life with freedom.
Though we think 'inside the box'
God is already outside the box….yes I am talking about the Confessional….not to live as if the bad stuff we do is what defines us.
But rather  to recognise that the Confessional Box seeks to help us go outside.
I am not too good at this. I deal rather harshly with myself. And with others.
The reality is that Mr Jesus, is not like this at all. I have been bold enough to say in the past that jesus doesn't care about our sin. I rather think this is true.
Jesus wants us to move on. We are inclined to think that maybe we should deal with the sh*t!
He seems to think he has already dealt with it!…
He, of course, is right!

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