Saturday, 22 February 2014

The bothersome world of same sex parents

I wonder if the world is bothering us at the moment.
I know two men who are in a committed relationship to each other. They have decided that they could become parents. I have mixed feelings about this.
My ‘mixed feelings’ are that:
  • this is not how it happens, these two men would both appear to be moral and responsible. They happen to be what today we call ‘gay’! (I don’t really like the terminology, it is casual and inaccurate) but two men can’t have a child in their own right.

On the other hand, and particularly being a parent myself I also think:
  • shouldn’t any mature adult be allowed to experience the privilege of parenthood

These two guys would seem to be potentially responsible parents holding down well paying jobs, and indeed one would even suggest they are ‘socially conservative’ (more so than me!).  They are well-educated and can provide well for their children (they plan to adopt two babies)
I am still of two minds 

BUT I also think this bothersome world does not put everything in my control (thank goodness!)
Others will make decisions which don’t necessarily conform to the narrowness of my world view...again “Thank goodness!”
SO my response is to do what I can to support these two people in their desire to be parents.
When it all boils down to it no one, not even a royal family, can provide a perfect environment into which a child might be born.  We do what we can with what we have got. And that is part of the mystery and the grace that God has committed to the human race.

No human situation is perfect. Let’s do what we can, I suggest, to support all those who find themselves in the position...however they get enjoy the privilege of parenthood!

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