Friday, 14 February 2014

vanity your name is video

There is a certain vanity in watching video of oneself. I am conscious that I have carefully watched a video of one of the recent funerals I have taken....and I think I probably was looking at how well I preached!
Or not.
It is made worse because I was sent it by a son who has not yet been able to bring himself to watch it.
if he did he would see how well he spoke in the eulogy, and his brother and his sister. and how  the grandchildren spoke prayers and poetry...and how splendid the family looked as dignified pall bearers.
he would also have heard my beautiful daughter sing. a wonderful tribute  to lady she loved. and who had prayed for her and all my family
But I am also struck about how powerful funerals are . Apart from my vanity, let's take that for granted, I was deeply moved by those who worshiped on that day, and who laid tributes on the coffin.
lingering hands that told that we are not quite ready to let go, but let go we must...and did

as for me, I think I spoke well enough. I was pleased to hear that my words did not sound, to me at least, trite or shallow. And that I invited people to share in the Gospel truth that we have a God who loves us, and a brother, Jesus, who is always with us.

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