Sunday, 27 April 2014

Getting my mind around it

Blogging is a bizarre sport (not as bizarre as some!), but certainly lacking in tact, subtlety and longevity..I have tried to make it work, and in fact found it quite hard. It seems to have been superseded by Twitter, which is even more bizarre; because while  blogging seems to seeks its own frame of reference Twitter is more demanding. Frame of reference and  only 140 characters (I have already written 315 characters ...whoops 420 !) just making these observations.
I used to be quiet disciplined about it, I would check the news in the morning and blog. Often I would tie it in with what was streaming...not a word they would have used...with the Advertiser ...the local paper ( but you will note that the link has side tracked the 'local paper' to what is called Adelaide Now)  As I walk Betsey early in the morning I notice that at the most 1 in 20 houses receive a hard copy of the Advertiser...20 years ago, even 10, every other house would have had a copy on the breakfast table. I doubt that most bother to check "Adelaide Now!" which seems to be neither Adelaide nor now.

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