Monday, 11 August 2014

We love the Church of God oh what on earth so dear!

I write to Anglicans Online ( a very good thing! quote 1066 and All That)  this week

As a parish ( speaking of St Mary Mags) which seeks to reach out, in the Anglo-Catholic tradition, to the poor, the marginalised and those generally disdained by churchy and society; I note that this week there is much sad news throughout the Communion/World.
Death of a young boy  in Iraq, concern about the priest; Gaza...and it's senseless slaughter; oppression of homosexuals by the Ugandan Anglican Church; Ebola and so on.
May we stop "stuffing around" worrying about whether we can have women Bishops, be recognised as a denomination by the State of Italy.... as the King of Siam might say   et cetera et cetera et cetera

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