Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Too smart for one's own good

I, like a lot of people I suspect,  have stopped watching the ABC's Q&A. We began to feel that there was too much posturing going on, and not enough Q & A.
I occasionally give in because of the quality of the panelists (It's unlikely that if any of the panelists are surnamed Morrison, Abetz or Brandis that I am going to watch...the recipe: Ask a question...direct it to one of the same...they begin their spiel....they don't answer the question asked...they go on and on and on and....if I haven't already, I then turn off)
Last night (27/10) promised to be a little bit better so I managed to watch ...for 30 mins!
I am fascinated by Geoffrey Robertson (we all loved the intelligence of his various Hypotheticals on our ABC!)
BUT I was put off last night. He is just too smart, and he knows too much. Even worse...he knows he is smarter than your average bear.
And then becomes dogmatic, and declamatory, he brooks little or no opposition. And let's face it ...we Ozzies don't like that. We can be convinced that we are wrong but we don't like being told we are as thick as two planks...simply by virtue of the fact that we live at the end of the world!
G Robertson rather alienates people that way...even though I agree with most of what he has to say!
Maybe we do need to discipline ourselves to applaud the expansive mind rather than decry it!

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Chris said...

Intelligence can be very subjective. Many an intellectual has been proven to be wrong in the course of time, or had their views challenged by others equally as clever. I think what we actually witnessed on Q & A was arrogance, despite the fact I agreed with much of what Robertson had to say.