Friday, 21 November 2014

The new guard

It was good to attend a commissioning of a new priest at St Richard's Church, Lockleys last night. It is a church with which I have had quite a long association having been a best man in a wedding party there decades ago. My parents in law both are/were worshippers there, and indeed the last service I attended was the funeral of my father in law..
They have a new priest, Sue, who has an infectious personality and it looks like she will work really well in that parish.
One of the Wardens said that their last three priests...a wise young man with a pony tail..(David C-G) ...a  fine and highly educated African priest (William) ...and now a woman (oh horror!!!) testament, and indeed it does, to that little corner's community life. The Western suburbs of Adelaide.
Sue is one of the 'new guard'...perhaps it is more that I am feeling that I am one of the 'old guard' ...even though I feel 18 inside I am sometimes 70 I got to be so old I don't quite know!
In conversation with one of my older parishioners the other day it was observed that the Anglican Church may be passing out of existence. I suggested that my observation is that it is rather some the new shape is almost unrecognisable.
But to others, me included, I am quite excited that the new guard will have the joy of being a community priest amidst folk who are and have been faithful for not only years but decades...I think of Heather and Marguerite, of Ken and Barbara (the last time I saw her she was in the process of delivering the middle S Clark...who is about to deliver herself in a few weeks).
Sue will be a great joy to Lockleys....and they are lucky to have her!  Perhaps it is prayer rather than luck that got her there.

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