Friday, 7 November 2014


I am vaguely scandalised, but not surprised, by the lack of grace of the militant right (let's name it for what it is) who cannot extend to Gough Whitlam what better commentators have done.

Though the bland Prime Ministers of the past, Howard, Abbott, and Rudd ...poll driven politicians....sat there (almost bemused) yet WE know that the life after Gough is different
Noel Pearson nailed the change that has occurred.
"This old man"....he not only played one....he drew the nation to a new vision. Every Government since has lived out of the reality that Australia should be better. Have greater vision and seek a better future. I don't think Johnny Howard had a clue about this. And T Abbott is, as Pearson suggests, more interested in re-election than the welfare of the Commonwealth.

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