Sunday, 21 December 2014

it's all down hill from here

Today was a day for picking tomatoes.
It was a day when we continued to reflect on the fact that we live in a fragile world. The Hostage Crisis earlier in the week was oveshadowed by an act of gross cruelty in Pakistan.
Children murdered by so called people of conviction. What sort of men pick as their victims the softest targets.
In the midst of that a family tragedy saw the death of eight children in Cairns...a woman their mother and aunt has been charged. There will be no joy out of that case.
And the deck chairs on the ship of State...have been shuffled . one has to smile at the comment that the number of women in the Cabinet of the Commonwealth has been doubled. Great! one would be tempted to say. Till we realise that it only required ONE more woman to achieve the doubling.
Still gross underrepresentation by any standards.
And in the mean time Christmas fever grabs the community.
It fees like downhill!

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