Saturday, 21 March 2015

On being overwhelmed

This week we had what is called in parish circles, a major funeral!
This takes up days of a priest's time...and might I say GLADLY!
This man, Wally Brice, was one of those people who everyone who knew him fell in love with him!
This clearly caused no small problem in his early life....and numbers of children later.
He would be the first to confess!
Perhaps he also reminds us (this is very incorrect...politically) that 'families' are good at absorbing their mess.
Certainly Wally's family was.
He met his principal son only 12 years ago (some 25+(?)  years after he was born)
And yet he gave himself to that relationship. Always ecstatic to see him, as he was was Z his younger brother. For whom he waited 24 hours (it seemed) and then could die
The Middle Class are nothing if not judgmental about the ordering of human relationships
Wally was a free spirit. This is both good and bad.

Personally I give thanks for the clarity of what he spoke at Mass week by week

May we love others 
as God loves us.

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