Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Spiritual healing

In the way of these things, Facebook decided I must be interested in Spiritual Healing!
I suppose I am. I pray almost every day for someone's healing. And see a lot of people who are quite sick.
Any way, I got directed to a page which tells me about EVENTS and WORKSHOPS...their shouting... for Adelaide Spiritual & Wellbeing events.
Entry 1..... someone wants a "house clearing" I am waiting to be able to post so that I can ask. Do you mean an Exorcism?
We who have a little experience in this stuff know that there is more to exorcism than meets the eye.
It is very easy to make too much of this but it is not just getting a broom and sweeping cobwebs away.
Equally well you can make too much of this stuff. Jesus just tells them to get knicked! and that seems to work!
It needs to be said that every time I have baptised a person, the parents and Godparents are questioned and then the the prayer of power is said. Most people don't realise this is an exorcism, sometimes I tell them, other times you see them hear the words, and I try to do this as dramatically as I can
Almighty God deliver you from the powers of darkness
and lead you in the light of Christ
to his everlasting kingdom.
And, as the Pentecostal preacher would say....and all the people said  Amen 

and so I say it boldly, often a little fearfully, sometimes catching the eye of someone who knows that we all live on the edge of evil.
But I am confident that when each is baptised, as Poppy will be soon, the forces of death, evil and fear are vanquished.

So I am waiting for CW to contact me about the 'house clearing'; believers have nothing to fear. I'll take my 85 year old friend with me (as I did the last time objects were being hurled around the room!).....I trust her faith more than my own. But together we work quite well!

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