Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Good doctors!

I am privileged to know a number of good doctors.
I have at least 3 practising Doctors in the congregation, two retired Doctors...one of whom is a world recognised Neuro Surgeon. My Best Man is a nationally acknowledged specialist in Paediatrics, particularly the paediatrics of disability & rehabilitation (he thought it a great privilege to meet the formerly mentioned Neuro Sugeon)

Any way this morning I went to get a B12 injection at a modern Mid Western practice and I was very impressed. The newish Registrar system  put me in contact with Dr A.
I was indeed very impressed.
..if what’s been detected is remedied by the same then I could be possibly dangerous!  

However the fine Registrar well on her way, I suspect, to being a a great GP also thought I should have a flu injection as well. Feel OK so far! 

Far cry from my success in getting every child in the clinic to cry at the mere thought of a polio injection!  (I was 3 or 4)  Thank God I was unsuccessful

Very good Doctor today!

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