Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Marriage Equality

Like all issues of substance and social change this will not go away.
What is happening at the moment is political brinkmanship and various other sorts of posturing.
I actually agree with Mr Pyne who said this morning that the issue of marriage equality would better proceed by political consensus. That of course, also, is a ploy.
Our nation's referendum history, for example, suggests that we are loath to change. Inertia! A body will  remain at rest unless acted upon to do otherwise
[Today is the anniversary of the passage of the 1967 referendum to recognise the rights of Aboriginal people. One of the few to have passed]

Or maybe it is that we are happy to change, but don't like formalising it!

Even if the Shorten/Plibersek Bill gets up ( and "smirking Tony" seems to have the nouse to recognise the above-mentioned 'inertia principle' may well work in favour of his apparent opposition) it will not ease MY problem.
The discussion in our Church has been studiously  (or is that 'stupidly') avoided.
Hijacked, I would suggest, by fundamentalist evangelicals  who in my opinion do not represent mainstream Anglicanism.   I would go further and suggest that they do not represent the compassion and humanity of the God who became human and dwelt among us....even to the point of death

None of this will go away!
Just as the refugee crisis will not go away!
The scandal of the rich continuing to grow rich at the expense of the poor!
The failure to see the marginalised!
....this will not go away while the politicians posturise
and the church men and women
mutter into their beads (as I do)

and continue to say a prayer "We do not presume...."

while we presume so much!

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