Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Queen's Birthday

Personally I don't have any animosity towards Mrs Elizabeth Mountbatten (aka The Queen).  She once smiled at me! 
But I don't think she should be our Head of State. And no matter what the Royalists tell you she is still our Head of State. 
The Governor General is the Viceroy.....[I wonder what the feminine is (and that IS an issue)  perhaps former GG Quentin Brice was a Vicereine!]
The Governor General is NOT the Head of State.

In a country like Australia that just seems ridiculous. 
For 'we are young and free' . And we should be free of the shackles of monarchy. Well at least that's what I think!
I have no desire to assassinate the monarch (indeed though my family is associated with the Kościuszko Uprising there is no desire to stake any claim)

I just hope we all just have a nice day off.  Cabaret Festival,  Lunchtime concert at St Mary Magdalene's, fun with family etc. etc etc

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