Monday, 29 June 2015

Would that I were like her!!!!!

Katharine Jefferts-Schori will finish her term as Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church  USA in a few weeks
She is adored by many (me included).  Hated by (probably) many more!
I think, when history tells its story, she will be seen as one of the great Anglican Bishops, not only of the 21st Century but of the whole Anglican era!
Here is a great reflection by Diana Butler Bass on her period of office.
I compare many of my reflections on Bishop Katharine  to the career of the first female Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.  
We look back and we see that we got very tangled up  and found that we were dealing not only with the fact that this was a stunningly bright star on the horizon, but that SHE was also a woman!
The debates in the Church and in politics are so couched in masculine tradition that we are and were deeply confronted by soeone who led us in a different way.  
And, not only that, but was able to lead us with: energy, intelligence, justice, spirituality and joy!
 She was, I believe, treated appallingly  by the English Church when attending Southwark Cathedral, the Lambeth Mafia prevented her from wearing a mitre.
She may have been an Anglican Primate, but she was not allowed to be recognised as such! (This article may give you a sense of just HOW RIDICULOUS  this all is)
She has had to deal with churches which have thrown fits of pique and decided they would leave, even though they then have been told they couldn't "take the ball with them"....she has remained steadfast

Preached well and intelligently. (She is after all is not just a theologian but a scientific doctor too!)  But of course this didn't really could suggest that some gender bias was slipping in.

Anyway the Church has continued the "thorn in the side" tradition
They have elected a black guy to succeed her!.
All I can say is Hallelujah!

Bishop Michael Curry says " This the church in which I was baptised (and more importantly)  this is the Church where I learned about Jesus....Keep the faith!"

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