Monday, 2 November 2015

Traversing the eternal web

It is always difficult to traverse late October to early November for a Christian.
The focal feast is November 1 which is All Saints Day the derivative celebration is Halloween (Oct 31) when for some reason we seem to focus on "ghosties and ghoulies and long legged beasties and things that go bump in the night" but here's a go.
Personally I think that Hollywood etc can lionise  ghosts, and demons.
But the Christian reality is that they don't hold sway.
There is no doubt lots of stuff that can be said about demons, dibbocks, and personal devils.
The truth is that Christian theology says Jesus says this stuff is powerless.
In reality ....were OLJC less sophisticated  he would say it is bu&&s&^t!
So, I am confident in a couple of things(from my pastoral ministry)
1. Jesus has won!
2. The forces of evil and deception will try to convince us that they still hold sway

As OLJC might say this is  bu&&s&^t!

Evil has NOT won. Demons have no power!  Tell them to nick off, and turn away.

In return do good. Seek to do charity. Care for the poor. And talk to Jesus

(you lovely friends who are not Christians...won't get this...but bear with me!)

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