Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Partisan and unlovely

It is interesting to go to a meeting of those who belong to the same club/group/church/association ....or what ever, as you.  And you realise that within that shared community you are also in some respects on different sides of the fence.
The word we use is "partisan".
I belong to one party
and you/they belong to another.
It is not quite the right way to name it.
I went to such a meeting this afternoon.
The "Boss" of the meeting is not in the same party as I am.
The other participants are in many respects also at the the other end of the spectrum.
We are, however, all members of inner city parishes that seek to reach out to the homeless, the disenfranchised and what are now customarily called "the unlovely". Those people who society could not give a sh&t  about.
They are by and large lovely people. They are broken, and there does not seem like any easy, or even,  a possible, solution.
I can only think that I, and my friends who get it too, will just try to stick with the 'unlovely'
I am not a fan of WWJD ...but I suspect he would  actually want us to realise that in our hearts and in our  minds, he would want us to do so much more than just offer platitudes.

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