Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Don't we ought to have friends?

In conversation with a friend recently

I rethought these two poems

My friend threw me away 

My friend threw me away 
the other day 
Suddenly from being great 
I was ‘non grata’ 

Maybe it wasn’t sudden at all, 
from the moment 
we met 
I was being dumped. 

I should have seen the signs 
if only I had known 
what the signs 
might have been 

If only I knew now 
what happened then 
I could avoid 
doing it again 

But I am puzzled 
at why one day 
I was his friend 
and then I wasn’t 

I don’t have 
enough friends 
that I can afford 
to be thrown away 

But, rubbish does not 
climb out of the bin 
Unless the owner realises 
he has thrown way 
a treasure! 

I threw away my friend the other day 

I threw away my friend the other day 
and couldn’t get him back. 

Before I’d turned to walk away 
the rubbish van 
had scooped the garbage up 
and taken it away. 

I wrote a letter 
but they would not give it back to me, 
“I accidentally threw a precious gift away 
Can you get it back?” 
I’m sorry sir, they replied, 
if we were to answer every request 
to rescue rubbish 
then we would never collect any. 
“But it isn’t rubbish!” 
I said emphatically. 
Then why, they said, 
did you throw it away? 
Why indeed? 

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