Thursday, 20 July 2006

Birth Giving

Margaret Guenther in her book Holy Listenings offers the rich imagery of midwifery to explain the role of the spiritual director. Giving (new) birth to the child of God. This image is so rich in critical Christian symbolism that it barely needs clarification. The director is involved at once in both a life and death task, and also the honour and privilege of birthing. It is the dynamic of life changing experience which is at once both ordinary and miraculous.
It is a powerful idea, particularly if we do not confine it to the limited circle of object-subject (directee-director) relationship but rather see it as the responsibility of each individual.
To enable others to give safe and proper birth.
It is the responsibilities of parents towards children, of governments to the governed, of spouses to each other.
Birth-giving is such an utterlytransforming experience that, as the proverb requires the whole village.
What would our world be like if each one of us thought that today we would try to ensure that another one of us gives safe birth to a new idea, a new step along the road, a new phase, a new beginning...a new day.

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