Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Boom go the strings of our world!

I am sure if you saw former Israeli PM Ehud Barak on Lateline last night you would have more than a few twinges of anxiety, the typical assertive style of the Israeli politician seems always to suggest that they are above reproach
One exchange with Tony Jones went : I keep telling you, but you for some reason do not want to hear or to heed to it. We are not attacking the Lebanese Government. We are attacking the Hezbollah.

At the very least Barak was failing to see that he had not convinced Jones or many others (like myself). Jones asked, why if Syria and /or Iran are actually behind Hezbollah do you not wage war on them?
Barak cajoled Jones for being thick and not understanding, but in truth I could tell you the answer. Bullies habitually like to smack little boys rather than big boys who might hit them back!!!

Another frightening thought that has occurred more than once to me in the last week or so, although we carry on about North Korea and nuclear weapons, we don't hear much critique from the US or our own beloved leaders about the nuclear weapons that our beloved friends the Israelis undoubtedly have. (Ask Mordechai Vanunu) And though I imagine that they may have some qualms about using them, essentially you don't have them if you are not prepared to use them

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