Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Reality a la Lebanon

As we head towards the denouement of the war in Lebanon and in BB06 we could perversely wonder, which represents "reality"?
It is with a sense of foreboding that the dictionary definition above of 'denouement' speaks of a final resolution. Am I alone in hearing the echo of a catchcry of WWII which also had a sense of finality in its solution (see here)? Don't we all feel uncomfortable that the same agressive violence used against the Jews,the unremitting propaganda, the unquestioned orthodoxies that are demanded....seem now to be used by the Israelis against their enemies.
Is this reality? I hope not.
On Sunday night (for my sins) I watched the equally constructed "reality" of Big Brother, as 2 of the remaining 3 women were evicted from the house. When the truth dawned on the 3 original housemates (Jamie, Camilla and David) because the erstwhile intruders--Chris and Max-- survived where the much-loved Claire and Crystal didn't; there were floods of tears and an outpouring of tears which was scorned mercilessly by the heartless Killeen and the sensationally emotionally avaricious audience. As Camilla and David were beside themselves the audience laughed time and time again. Is this reality? I hope not.
So it all begs the question with two such bizarre examples of "reality" before us (and many more) what is reality all about.
Some other considerations: my friend's mother died this week and she said to me "I'm an orphan now!" I resonated with this new reality having felt this myself when my mother died.
Another couple of parish friends went through the roller coaster of desperately desiring that all and any treatment, orthodox and complementary, might work. Summoned to his bedside interstate he died within 24 hours of their arrival. Aged 42.
We prayed, too, on Sunday for a young man...pray for Luke if you do and can....aged 15 with bone cancer. As we prayed I felt overwhelmed by the sadness of this sickness. Something about this sadness seemed more real than I had experienced before...ohhh what is reality?
And an aged mate, a garrulous man of whom I am very fond, is declining and giving up. he lacks stimulation and the ability to concentrate. His body is weakening. I can do little to personally alleviate his state of affairs. I feel so sad about this sudden decline.
This would all seem to be important stuff.

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