Friday, 28 July 2006

Same, same...but different

A recurring theme I know you will admit......(see here for example just over a year ago and then again here and maybe even here ) And you can but meditate on what the picture means...but it seems to mean something to this theme.
Not the least of which is that we can see why all these squares, modified each time are indeed the same but isn't it all too remarkable that by the time you get to the last one there is a great difference.
Some things that are the same as when I was growing up
  • Cornflakes with hot milk are yummy in cold weather for about the first two bites. Then they are just soggy.
  • Children's shoes need to be cleaned every day.
  • Israel was deeply under threat and in the hands of aggressive military nuts ( may have been the case since the (first) Exodus,)
  • And as Professor Tom Lehrer put it...everybody hates the Jews or at least the Jews think they do.
  • Listening to the radio about inflation I hear people totally confused about what it's about, but certain that prices go up.
Some things that are different from when I was growing up
  • There are forty million types of breakfast cereal, which promise to start your day properly ...but all still full of sugar
  • In my day I cleaned my own shoes ( and often those of my siblings every day...I didn't expect my father to do it...or assumed I could do it once a week!! Yes I did clean Sophie's shoes this morning!! And the thought of my father cleaning my shoes....laughable!!!
  • Maybe Lehrer's National Brotherhood critique
    Oh, the Protestants hate the Catholics
    And the Catholics hate the Protestants,
    And the Hindus hate the Moslems,
    And everybody hates the Jews.
    is not quite so fierce...I am mightily please that Catholics and Protestants don't hate each other quite so much. The Jews still think everyone hates them!!
  • I know I've become old because now I write about what has changed since my childhood and tell my children about the price of petrol when I was at school. And I just haven't eaten a banana for months!!

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