Thursday, 31 August 2006

Bonjour! Guten Morgen! Ni Hao -- or too much choice

How much hope is there for the world when the problem taxing our household today is which language we should study for the rest of our High School Career?
That our darling 12 year old (who this time in a month will actually be 13) is agonising over this must augur well for her future.
And I do mean "agonising". She actually wants to do all three!!
So shame on the educational system of an elite private school (here) that intends that this bunch of girls will only be able to formally study one language.
Any way, the discussion went like this...I know that French is my least favourite effectively "la langue des anges" ( I actually got this right before I weakened and checked it on Babel Fish)has been discarded before the race has begun.
That she can contemplate either of the other two is a joy for me. One only has to listen to the St Matthew Passion to know that German is really "die Sprache der Engel" (I did have to use Babel Fish to do that....lack of confidence mainly).
So we are discerning today. She doesn't know that this is the name of the process, or that we are using the technique of Holy Inigo of Loyola.
Today we are deciding that we will do Chinese and noting how that makes us feel. Tomorrow we will be deciding on German and noting that.
Then sometime in the next few days we will be reflecting oin the two.
It's a good and true technique. We all need to be more attentive to proper discernment when it comes to difficult choices.
Might I say that that the thing I am most proud about with this gorgeous girl is that she is not doing what she was first tempted to do when we discussed this a few weeks ago...and that is do what is easiest!
We talked about that and in her quiet way she has understood that the easiest path is not necessarily the best path.
Maybe I will also have to learn that Chinese is "天使的语言" (certainly used the Fish!!!)
What it is to be 13!!!...well nearly

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