Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Policy on the run-panic politics,

This morning I rang up to see about getting the car converted to LPG. It is of course a thankless task and the horse has just bolted.
The chap said that yesterday (Monday) a.m. they were booked up till the end of this month. Then last night it was November, by the time I rang at 9.05 it was mid-December.
They haven't rung back to confirm so it's probably 2011 by now.
What vaguely amuses me is that our usually ultra-cautious PM is obviously spooked by this relatively insignificant issue (in the scheme of things). But which looms large in the hip pocket of the voters.
Ever the one to be guided by the polls he has dutifully responded.
No preparation for this or anything. There surely must be a shortrage of technicians and gas tanks and what ever else. There must have been an easier way to do this if all you wanted to do was to appease the voters (why not halve the GST on petrol for example).
I suppose you must give someone some credit for kicking us all into the LPG direction.
But it is not far enough. We need to be thinking about new technology. Battery and hydrogen operated for example.
Surely it won't be long before someone suggests the nuclear car!!! There you go I just suggested it!!!

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