Monday, 14 August 2006

A small victory-one up for democracy

News that the government has removed its Migration Bill from the Senate, in the face of almost certain defeat, cheers those of us who think the Bill lacks the basic compassion and decency which is supposed to characterise the Australian psyche.
It should cheer those of us who have feared government majorities in both houses would mean a defacto dictatorship, no matter how benevolent. [YES I do mean dicatorship....when one person or group is allowed to do what they want without genuine political accountability that is dictatorship)
It should cheer those who voted for Family First (I didn't and wouldn't) thinking that they are genuinely interested in family values and not just political influence. Senator Fielding (ptL) has at least been true to these convictions and not been seduced by the offers (no doubt) of political favours and influence. That will not go away for him.
This is far from over, of course. But it is one up for democracy

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