Wednesday, 13 September 2006

Girl blitz

Sorry to keep going on about the younger child...but yesterday she actually had a day when she didn't win a prize!
Which is in contrast to the weekend when she was part of a winning team for the very impressive Tournament of Minds state competition

Sophie was in the Social Sciences team.

The Advertiser today has this story

Walford girls can't be beaten


September 13, 2006 12:15am

Article from: The Advertiser

WALFORD Anglican School students have proven girls are as capable in maths and engineering as in language.

Teams from the school took out all three senior categories of the Tournament of Minds competition.

That was the first time a school has won all secondary categories of Maths Engineering, Language Literature and Social Science in one year since the competition began in 1991.

Tournament of Minds presents Year 7 to 10 students with a problem and students must creatively present a solution.

Walford facilitator Yvonne Colsey said the result showed girls could achieve in whatever they put their minds to. "Especially in the Maths Engineering category, they're as capable of arriving at solutions as the boys are," she said. "The problems are always difficult and there are hit and misses as to if they will work on the day."

The Maths Engineering team was able to launch an object and make it perform two manoeuvres unassisted, using a bird perch they constructed themselves.

The Social Science team acted out the role of particles in an atom, while the Language Literature team wrote a script to the theme of a Greek tragedy.

"You always expect it could be hard but that's what you sign up for," Year 9 student Matilde Wiese said.

The 21 students will represent SA in national finals in Adelaide on October 21.

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