Sunday, 10 September 2006

Lest we forget

Sophie won her section of the Oliphant Science Award on Friday. Computer Applications. She and friend Katie designed a quiz game on CD ROM. It didn't take them long (and could have been better). Indeed it is interesting to note the process that has taken place in both of them since they submitted their entry. Every now and then they would say something like....Oh we could have had spoken answers, or more questions or this or that. The challenge to improve the project was, I guess, what it is all about.
Oliphant, pictured left, would have approved I suspect. A gifted scientist, one of those who worked on the Manhattan project, he lived his life seeking to improve on that "achievement". One might even say regretting it, and working to ensure that those wretched bombs might never be used again.
My sense of pride in our youngest daughter is tangible, as it should be. I can be the worst of parents in wanting her to do her best. Lest we I forget, I have to remind myself this week, in the push for perfection, she is only 12.


Texas T said...

well done Sophie

Erasmus said...

Congrats to Sophie :-)