Friday, 8 September 2006

A good doctor, who can find one?

I seem to have had so much fun going to doctors, optometrists, pharmacists and so on in the last six weeks. Yesterday I went to my local GP because the cardiac specialist (everything's OK thank you very much) thought my cholesterol was high and should be medicated. It should be lower than 5.5 and was 5.6!
The specialist felt that he could not prescribe medication but that I needed to report back to Dr L my GP. Which I duly did. He rolled his eyes but was loyal to his colleague even though he wondered why on earth I had been advised that way. And even though I invited him (naughtily) to be critical of his slack mate!
Any way good old Dr L did his duty. Because he is a good GP it takes a while to get in to see him, so there had been a 2 week gap from the time I made the original follow-up appointment. In the meantime I had thought up two other things to ask him about as well. So I warned him at the beginning of the consult that I had three things. We duly went through them all. Not hurriedly but rigorously (I felt), and at the end I left with a feeling that all will be well.
No cholesterol medication and two new directions to pursue for better health. An invitation to come back in 2 weeks for a follow-up to check that all was going well (but if everything is OK then I don't have to).
So I ask the Proverbs question (for wife put doctor). Who can find a good doctor? Well, I'm glad to say things seem good on that front.


Drew said...

As a non-native resident of this fine city, I've been frustrated by, and have probably suffered slightly for want of a regular GP. I did have a good run with one Doc for over 2 years but then he moved to Antarctica (I kid you not) and I was left to find an appointment wherever I could get in that was close to home.

Since buying a house I have found a local GP who I've seen once in last year.

My question now is "Who can find a good dentist?"

stephen clark said...

Steve Oppes at Parkside Dental Clinic