Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Being quiet

I am not particularly good at being quiet. Sometimes it frightens the pants off me. And yet I do not like it when other people disturb my quiet.
If I was to suggest, though, one thing that contributes to my wellness over the last year or more it would be trying to be quiet for a little time every day.
Just at the moment I do this using recorded meditations. The particularly good site that I use is called "pray as you go" (here) and it contains daily 10 miniute meditations for Mon - Friday commuters. There are also a couple fo general meditations. One to Review the Day is important as I seek to just trace what has been happening for good or for ill.
Perhaps the inference is that tomorrow I will do more of the good-fostering and less of the ill-creating.
As a pattern this seems to work, and sometimes I manage to repeat one or other of these exercises (sometimes I don't too!)
This has, I think, contributed to sense of well-being for which I am grateful.
There is a nice site to0, called Sacred Space (here) which has a number of different prayer resources for regular use. I find the level of participation that they invite to be quite to my liking.
I am not a great fan of "religious" meditation though both of these sites are quite religious...or should I say Christian (some will understand the distinction), and I find the scriptrurtes to be very helpful for me and very incisive...the two edged sword as it were.
But there are lots of other sites with quite nice secular meditations and meditations from other traditions. (see here for example)
Some will not think that I am particularly sane or well-balanced, but this (for what's it worth) is one of the things that I do that improves me as a man, a person, a husband and a father,

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