Monday, 23 October 2006

The flower that blooms in the Spring

We have had the joy of planting two new roses in our respective gardens. Called "A Blooming Miracle" these, I suppose you would call them, apricot coloured blooms are sponsored by the Anglican Board of Mission; or as we affectionately have always known it ....ABM.(here)
The flowers bloomed at St John's a week or so ago (the first photo) and yesterday they were more fulsomely in bloom.(the second photo....I am afraid my camera phone photos don't entirely do them justice

Although Mission agencies aren't terribly fashioonable at this point in history our fondness for ABM is well placed.
Although only a small agency it's work is critical and creative. I was struck by this some years ago when I heard a speaker who was responsible for the delivery of government educational programs in New Guinea.
It occurred to me that churches at least had enabled the establishment of social infrastructure like education and health delivery, and continue to work in creative projects like enabling women to develop independent incomes, and villages to have pure water.
These are small projects in world terms, and life changing to individuals.
Any way this speaker began his talk by saying, "I am an Anglican the son of an Anglican, the grandson of an Anglican."( I too can say this)
What occurred to me was how seriously we have taken the need to prepare young men and women in New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, the Phillipines, the Middle Eas, parts of Africa, Korea and Malaysia and all sorts of other places.
The result?
A Blooming Miracle!

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