Friday, 12 January 2007

20 things I don't know

I was faintly bemused (but not at all surprised) to find that certain members of my household were already looking at getting an iPhone...even though they will not be available in the land of Oz until 2008.
Apple have done a good job of convincing everyone to buy their iProducts even when they are often less featured and almost certainly more expensive than comparable products. And not necessarily more reliable.
We have an iPod, for example, which gave up the ghost days after the 1 year warranty expired. Researching on the net would seem to suggest that this was not an uncommon experience worldwide. Its owner, the oldest daughter, finally got fed up of me trying to fix it and bought another one!!! The cheaper version..the shuffle. Miraculously the day after she bought it I got the first one to work!! So I inherited it. Good for me. But it still stops every now and then if you so much as breathe heavily near it. And it cost a fortune.
PC World has a good article about 20 things that need to be explained before you commit to the new iPhone. But we have a couple of years to wait.
But there is a big warning here, n'est-ce-pas, about the triumph of advertising over reason

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