Saturday, 13 January 2007

Lost balls

It was great to watch 7 out of 9 of the cousins playing cricket at the birthday party last night. Some of the characteristics included:
  • great debate over the classic "one hand-one bounce-you're out" rule
  • much screaming and shouting
  • youngest daughter being hit on the arm with a ball (soft) and trying not to cry, while her cousin the bowler looked guilty and then bowled the next bowl into her face
  • youngest nephew-shouting "No Ball" but no one paying any attention and Dad remarking "It's sad to be the youngest and the only one who knows the rules"
  • And of course (at least) two balls going over the fence.
  • "Oh there are many 'lost balls'" Dad was heard to remark. "The neighbours are very good and usually throw them back, and I do a scout around the perimeter in the morning"
Et in arcadia ego! (prize for most obvious modern the source...not the Poussin, too easy to Google. But think Jeremy Irons!)


Paul Walton said...

Ok, ok, Et in arcadia ego: the title of episode 1 of the BBC's wonderful series of Brideshead Revisited, of so many years ago.

stephen clark said...

That's it Paul. Well done.
Actually Waugh's Prefatory note...I think the music was titled that too.