Sunday, 14 January 2007

Weil der Gruppe alle hier ist

The annual Schutzenfest diverted Adelaideans yesterday.
This excuse for firing rifles whilst totally smattered on beer perhaps explains a lot of things about Australians and Germans, but folk seemed to enjoy the day out.
One news report set me thinking about the nature of our mixed culture. A nation of immigrants, there is inevitability a fusion of culinary and social culture, which is at bext interesting and at worst crass and vulgure.
Cappucino seems invariably served in Greek restaurants and McDonalds with baklava and french fries if you wish.
Chinese and Indian food invariably caters to local taste rather than present authentic cuisine, which most of us don't necessarily appreciate. I well remember (is it from the world of Susie Wong?) about Chow Mein...the Chinese dish that the Americans invented.
So it was not surprising to see a red in the face oompah band (not the jazz band above) swaying in time to their music playing that good old Bavarian Hit...Roll out the Barrell!
I mean how cockney do you have to get.
So it

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