Friday, 9 February 2007

Embarassment , the Elephant of Truth and the Big Cheese

Commenting on someone else's blog in which they ask the question posed by Jack Spong...Why the Church should change or die...and trying to be too cryptic for my own good, I said
Maybe we shouldn't be so embarassed to die.

As I think about it there may be more than an "elephant of truth " in that little insight. Not that we should be careless or reckless with what has been committed to us, but we are awfully reluctant to let stuff go. While this is understandable it is not necessarily or particularly commendable.
Even if we think about someone dying (Jeff of a previous post died earlier this of his fundamentalist daughters abused the good Archdeacon who had tried to minister to the family in their grief...but I digress).
Today we have to endure a "clergy conference". The last one we had on this subject really got to the Big Cheese as he copped a fair bit of flak for his non- consultative style. I imagine today we will see a wresting back of authority, comforted now with an episcopal ally of his own making, and months of consolidation of his position he is in a much firmer place. But he is, for all his rhetoric, I suspect too embarassed to let things die.

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