Monday, 12 February 2007

Ma bella Marguerita

We had a "rite of passage" on Saturday when Sarah -the middle child of two middle children...what hope is there for her sanity...had her 21st. Clearly she has been an "adult" for some time as is represented by this sophisticated juxtaposition of ideas...a Marguerita in one hand, a pool cue in the other, as we wait to be seated at the hot Bali restaurant Kori on our recent holiday.. There are many things that could be said about her, and I said a few. But my major insistence is going to be that if you have both an 18th party and a 21st then after the 21st you are going to have to behave as if you are an adult.
Sarah, who was the family baby for many years, and the youngest grandchild for 9 then had what every middle child had to contend with...a sinking into oblivion as your star status is taken by one and then another and then another.
It creates interesting dynamics and conflicts in your life, some of which she has embraced and others of which have just been plain difficult. One of the key responses has been to revert to type and be a petulant child. Hence my insistent refrain...You became an adult legally when you were 18, you've had 3 years of practice. Now you are 21 and we have thrown the "Sarah - the child" name badge out . You are an adult and only adult behaviour will now be accepted.
God bless you darling!!

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