Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Almost the end

It wouldn't do for a year to go by without complaining about Daylight Saving. I am sorry for those who expect something better and (perhaps) more serious of me.
I am not suggesting for a moment that the "increase" in daylight will cause such devastating effects as the more rapid fading of curtains, which is clearly nonsense. I am noting rather the bizarritude of leaving the house any time after 6.30 in the morning and finding it is dark until 7.30.
This is caused by (now) the fact that daylight saving is extended until the last weekend of March (PTL..this weekend). It was bad enough when it was the end of February, then it was extended another week or two every other year to cope with the Adelaide Festival which happened only once every 2 years, this was obviously untenable so a more permanent decision was made. The state in which we now find ourselves is that daylight saving runs through October-March.
So here we are, well into Autumn, feeling depressed every morning because it is the middle of the night!
I am conscious that the youngest S C (subject of the recent blog) is presently cavorting in a tent on la bella isola dei canguri (ooops sorry I did apologise for slipping into foreign tongues some days ago) I mean L'île des kangourous, of course, or Kangaroo Island as it is better known. They have a full week's program (half their luck...I am really envious). Their program will probably run by the clock, though sensibly if it was run by the sun, as I think about it, they would probably be OK. But we are such creatures of the clock.
Have a thought also for the good people of Western Eyre Peninsula---Streaky Bay and further west, who really have to live with a time zone well out of their natural zone any way because they are required to conform to Adelaide time. These people have an added disadvantage. But of course they are only a few thousand rural votes.
That's it
Until next year

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