Tuesday, 20 March 2007

All you ever do

A previous post would have revealed to you that I am undertaking a course for my Master's degree in Jungian psychology. Jung's major focus on being in touch with the unconscious is an interesting idea and fruitful (I find) for personal growth and development.
But I did find when I started to look at this last year and to note my dreams that I became much more aware of the dreaming that I do. Indeed one thing I was concerned about was that in providing this framework of the revelatory dream: was I beginning to exaggerate this whole process.
Seeing, as it were, dreams everywhere;was I seeing too much?
Well it's started to happen again!
One interesting thing to note is that when dreams are viewed (albeit as sources of rich treasure) rather matter of factly, or routinely as the unfolding of the unconscious they lose some of their terror. One can well understand why the ancients did indeed find dreams o'erwhelming, though I was struck (as I often am about him) when thinking about Joseph yesterday (St Joseph's Day) how remarkably measured a man he presents himself to be . And he was a prolific dreamer. There is a real sense in the narrative that dreaming kept him in touch with himself. When we first encounter him(Matt 1:18-21) he is in deep poo! This happens to him over and over again, (we all have periods like that I suppose...I certainly have).
It is the dreaming that seems to release him to act freely and creatively.
I feel aghast that I have tended to dismiss or ignore this point for most of my life.
So I am trying to be a little more in touch. Try noting your dreams down for a week. See if you find it illuminating, alarming...godly, human.

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