Friday, 9 March 2007

World Music

The phenomenon that is WOMAD, or World Music Adelaide has begun to unfold tonight. Indeed Adelaide is in the grips of Fringe Fever and Music Fever, almost too much to bear.
The Big Boss (His Archepiscopiensis) said to me tonight (he who grew up in the sticks of NSW where it is cooooold oh so coooold, and who lived in Canberrra where the cold night frosts freeze even the brass monkeys...well that's another question....and then went to be Bishop of Gippsland...WHAT land? I hear you say. A beautiful but rugged land of hard working people in a rough, rough climate......ask the fishermen)...well any way he said to long can you go on having such perfect days?
Ahhh Yes I said as I looked far away (thinking of Europe in 7 weeks time), this foreigner has stumbled on the South Australian secret. God herself dwells here. So she caresses the days of March with warmth but chills the night and the early morn, even the washing is damp on the line. And then, lest we forget, this continues to ANZAC day.
So this guy, you know the purple one, he's discovered the secret. It's fantastic here.
Amidst the season of perfect weather we festivalise. Arts, Fringe, it goes on.
Back to world music. I was interested in a comment Andrew Ford made last year..."Why does music have to be easy to listen to?". Since then I have tried to allow music to challenge me more.
One of my good parishioners, Peter, got this immediately. Good thing that you are Peter, and sagacious with it. So it may be drums, or African, or Chronos/Kronos Quartet...Flat on your Bacharach or New Guinea Tribal.....let it infuse you. If we get the import of music, I suspect we get close to the import of life.

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