Sunday, 11 March 2007

Worth the effort

I had conversation with two fellow blokes the other day "Are you going to anything at the Fringe?" I was pleased to tell them I was. But when I returned the question, turned out they weren't.
What do you make of that? We sort of like the idea but we don't do anything about it.

Any way if you want to go to something that you wouldn't normally go to I enjoyed The Prisoner's Dilemma last night. A curious intercative play...I got to shine a torch and shout out, and then finally to stare one of the actors down...I think I won. It does remind me that theatre needs to be engaging rather than light.
I got free tickets, so I'm now repaying the favour if you're looking to see something that you wouldn't go to. On the other hand also got free tickets to Soul Therapy some bands at the Fad Bar....can you imagine me on a Saturday night. We go there like half an hour before the show is due to start, sit around and people flood in and out, some go upstairs. There is another show at the same time which means ours will not be starting till an hour after the advertised time!!! Well I'm too old to be up after 11, so we went home.

One hit out of 2 wasn't bad.
Perhaps 2 hits out of 3...because we saw excellent trapezing in the (free) Garden of Unearthly Delights.

The council also need to employ somebody to empty overflowing rubbish bins on a Saturday during a major Festival!

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