Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Energy Issues

I didn't catch the whole of the Four Corners program about new energy technology, but will watch the repeat 11.30 p.m. Wednesday.
There was such a dazzling array of new technologies that one couldn't help but feel buoyed by what is happening in terms of finding solutions to the problems that face us.
One recurring theme, whether it was hot rocks, solar or wind power or even nuclear power was the idea that "new stuff" is minuscule by comparison with old coal and oil generation.
This may be true, but I would suggest it is a very short-sighted view, if we use that argument to say therefore we should seriously curtail investment in nerw technologies.
If the IT explosion has told us nothing else it is that this era of technology is moving so powerfully that today's small and unsophisticated will be tomorrow's big and smart.
We have a bit of a family interest in Petratherm which is the quiet Geothermal achiever. (Our brother-in-law the world famous geologist(!) is a director). South Australia is leading in this area and moving steadily ahead. It can only go one way.

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