Thursday, 19 April 2007

Où commencons nous?

Two unconnected, yet strangely related stories in my mind, make me ask is the world going mad?
None of us were really surprised that the American gun lobby could twist the travesty of Virginia Tech, to their own advantage. So we heard some whacko (or should it be Waco?) saying "This massacre is reason why everyone should be allowed to carry weapons on to a campus.
"You should be able to shoot a maniac who wants to shoot you!"
There is a certain logic about it. But it is just plain WRONG!!!

But I really think the world is going plain loopy when we talk about sending our Sri Lankans to Guantanamo, so they can send their Cubans to us.

Now am I wrong in thinking that our government don't actually want any refugees of any sort. So what is this all about?
On one level it doesn't really make any difference as long as refugees end up in a safe haven. But our nasty government has never before shown such magnanimity to any refugee.

There are other issues. One of the key issues for Cubans, for example, is that it is clear that they will be more dislocated in Australia than they would be in America...since there is an extensive Hispanic network there but not here. So why would we want to cause these people to be more profoundly dislocated?

And have we forgotte D Hicks and suddenly now think that Guantanamo is a more acceptable place to send our refugees than Christmas Island?

There is clearly more to this than meets the eye. But what is it?

so indeed: "dove cominciamo?"


Anonymous said...

You will get lost in Paris if your French does not improve?
You need a cedilla!!!!!

stephen clark said...

C'est vrai! commençons!!

Je changerai le titre!

And we will most certainly get lost in Paris. Am actually looking forward to it!!