Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Churches, churches, churches.....and not a place to pray

There certainly are a lot of churches here. We visited St Peter's yesterday and there were bucket loads of people. Though a spot of rain and a bit of heat got rid of many.
I find something faintly...well not faintly...repellent about all this religion. Much of it is about building being done to glorify worldly achievements of powerful men (almost always men )
But every now and then, even in the great basilicas, there are little spots where you can only go if you intend to pray with young mafiosi stationed at the entrances to ensure that ice-cream lickers stay out.
Today we walked to the Coliseum (which is within viewing distance... what an amazing thing to be able to say) stumbling across the wonderful basilica of St Clement where there is a 17th century churchj built on a 12th century church added on to a 4th, 6th and 8th century church....which in turn is on a pre Christian Mithraic temple. Unebleievable almost to Australians.
Maybe this afternoon we will go and see Spiderman3 at the Barberini (cui) to neutralise all this culture and history!!

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