Saturday, 5 May 2007

Today is Friday it must be


Yes we have made the transition from Italy to France, the heavens wept as we left the city of the Tiber, the Coliseum, the World Cup and heaven knows what else
Paris was foggy when we arrived but we effected our change with ease, had a boat ride on the Seine, a fast learning curve on the Metro.......well a rather slow left turn when we could have turned right!!!!
Then the amazing Gallery Lafayette....the proud boast of which is the only shopping centre that is also a national treasure!!
Shortly afterwards the rain caught up with us again.....and we lost each other as is our wont. And so here we are.
In the land where the air steward is called Herve, and where the equivalent of DJ's Food Hall looks indeed like the cordon bleu. Incredible. That's AnCredEEblah

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