Friday, 17 August 2007

Trouble posting

I have tried to be considerate this week and have known that if I posted either about the current round of Jungian analysis (which appears to be going well), or the debacles of the Federal Parliament (which have just been beeezaaaar) that I would have carped on and on and on.
So suffice to just make a couple of observations (without much comment) about things that have hit me this week:
  • I have been interested that looking at dreams doesn't just appear to have been a fruitcake type of activity, but (as predicted by reputable authority) it does indeed begin to shed constructive light on the unconscious
  • I have noted that the Treasurer said he didn't make comments to three journalists, and then admitted he did; but he declined to name the former comment as alie.
  • I have noted that senior ministers, Abbott and Downer, and even the Prime Minister have made the observation that what you say doesn't matter as long as you deliver results.
As you can see there is plenty of opportunity for carping!

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