Monday, 20 August 2007

Reverse psychology

The question of the day is whether or not the startling revelation that Kevin Rudd had a naughty night out will work for him or against him. My immediate reaction, far too cynical to be true I suppose, is that this is probably a reverse psychology leak by the Labor Party. The electorate will be so outraged by this leak that they will deem it dirty politics, and it will end up working in Rudd's favour.
It was noticeable that key players were remarkably silent, Abbot Abbott (not known for his caution when bad-mouthing people) declared himself to be a Trappist monk (here)and implemented a self-imposed vow of silence.
The reason?
Well it has long since been understood that once the sexual immorality card is played there is no stopping the flood of damaging revelations to both sides of politrics. It will be interesting to see how this reverse/reverse/reverse psychology plays itself out. Though I would much prefer to get on with the election and just simply get it out of the way.

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